Monday, June 26, 2006

What a great job. I get to ride a bike around the Missouri Botanical Garden. Its mostly at night but there is not usually too many people and the paths are very smooth. The total loop is around 1.5 miles and there are a few hills I can ride. Not much of a work out but I do get a bunch of saddle time.

I just need to watch out for the wild life, like the foxes...
Sunday June 25th 2006
Temp 75

We got part of the group together to do a Sunday morning ride. Dave, Craig, Joe S, Joey S, and Joe P. The spicy meat sticks were tasty, the Fat Tire was cold and it was a beautiful day for a ride. We rode some of the roads around O' Fallon IL, some of the same roads we've been on before and some new. Joey must have been training on his new bike because he looked like Lance as he crested Rose Hill and even tho Joe S started out not feeling too great he led the pack for awhile until Dave and Craig changed the route.

We rode 42.47 miles, Avs 17.2, Mx 35 (down hill), Tm 2:27.

We also talked about getting a group together for the Tour de Doonut, so far we have five.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Boy! Not much happening lately.

My wife and kids are taking the Road 1 class through the St. Louis Regional Bicycle Federation. So far they are having a good time. Tomorrow is the last class. They are riding on streets in Fergison MO.

I've been commuting to work and riding at work lately. Not many miles but a bunch of time oon the saddle. I'll take some pictures at work and post them.

My commute is only 2.5 miles to work and the same returning. The return trip however is at 11 PM. Some of the streets are a little dicey. I was spotted the other night by a laser spotter. I don't believe it was a gun sight laser but I've changed the route I'm taking now. Actually I'm starting to drive to work again.

I'm riding tomorow with the group.

We still don't have a name for our group.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Pictures for flat as a Pancake ride

Most of the morning was cloudy

Finally the sun came out at about 20 miles

Fording the river...there actually is a road under there...

More pot holes or snakes...please...
Sunday June 4th 2006
Flat as a Pancake Ride or
How I spent a rainy, windy day, lost and fording rivers...

What a ride. I tried to ride with Craig this morning but we didn't get together. We wanted to start at 6:30 am so we could beat the heat and wind. I got up early and went out to put my bike in my car and noticed that the sky to the North West was dark and cloudy. There was also lightning but I went anyway. Craig called me, he didn't want to start in the rain so he started later.

It was fine until I got started. It rained for the first 15 miles or so. I don't like rain so I kept the pace down and there was also a good head wind so my average speed was around 16. A disappointing start.

Once the rain stopped it got better but the roads were still wet. For the first part of the ride we were pretty much riding straight North. When I got to the 25 mile mark I got a little concerned. I had just passed two people but I didn't see anyone else in front of us. I stopped and checked the map and realized we had missed a turn. We got directions from a Farmer who was passing on a tractor and decided not to turn back. We probably only added two miles. We turned and rode towards the route and joined them after a bit. But we missed a rest stop. That isn't too bad in the first part of the ride but I was getting low on water and the first part was 66 miles, so I had to get to a rest stop or buy some water in a gas station.

The next 20 miles were uneventful, the weather turned out to be great and no mishaps. After a rest stop at 45 miles with a water fill-up the pace picked up to a more normal 19-22 mph. The woman who was in charge of the rest stop warned us about flooded roads ahead and at 55 miles we hit it. The road was completely flooded over. Even the cars didn't want to go through it. I didn't want to turn around so ahead I went. My sandles were the best thing to wear as it turned out, because the water was about six inches deep and over my pedals at the bottom of the stroke. Other people were complaining of wet feet, socks and shoes. The water only lasted about one block but it was enough to slow many riders to a crawl.

Lunch was served at the 66 mile point. Once again it was cold cuts and chips. Some of the riders were passing up the lunch. I had a sandwitch and salad. I tried to eat light and fast.

My stats for the first half were:

Dst: 69, Avs: 17.5, Mx: 31, Tm: 4 hours. Not too impressive but I did have mother nature against me.

The second half was pretty uneventful. It turned out to be great bicycling weather. There was a little wind and near the end we rode right into it. At one point some buzzards were circling but I wasn't dead yet.

My stats for the second half are:

Dst: 104 miles, Avs: 17.2, Mx: 31, Tm: just over 6 hrs.

Not too bad considering. And once again my tire held out.

This was at mile 1, raining and cool.

This was the 20 mile mark and when the sun first came out

Clouds. What I was looking at for the first part of the ride

80 mile mark. This is what most of the ride looked like

I played tag with this couple for most of the last part of the ride

The buzzards were circling but I wasn't finished yet...