Sunday, July 23, 2006

Weekend rides
Saturday July 22, & Sunday July 23 2006

Saturday Dave and I met Brian and we rode the country side around O'Fallon. There is much damage from the two storms this week. So we rode slowly.

Stats; Dst: 31.11, Avs: 15.6, Mx: 31.5 Tm: 1.59.13

Sunday Dave, Brian, Joe S, Joey S and me. We rode to the catsup bottle in Collinsville.

Stats; Dst: 38.1, Avs: 16.2, Mx: 35.5, Tm: 2.20.44

Both days the weather was great. Cool around 70, a little wind on Sat and almost none on Sun.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Sunday July 9 2006
Firecracker 100
Greenville IL

This ride is called the Firecracker, I imagine because of it being right after the 4th of July and normally it is really hot.

The weather was great for a ride. It rained a little but not enough to spoil the fun and the cloud cover gave us a rest from the heat. This ride was the day after the donut ride and a few of us from the donut ride woke up early and rode the country side of Greenville Illinois. Joe S., Virgil, John, Michele and Joe P. were in attendance. I arrived late and didn't ride with our group. I don't recommend this to anyone. If you ride a pretty fast race or ride one day and plan to ride a century the next day make sure you have someone to ride it with.

Riding by myself, I was continually thinking of the bad parts of the ride. Especially after 70 miles or so. The ride was great, there was enough hills to make it interesting, no dogs and the scenery was beautiful. But I got into a funk and couldn't see anything but the uphill climbs and the rough road. I did suck on to a couple of pace lines and rode with some really nice people. It took my mind off how tired I was, but it would have been better. I am going to make a point of riding with someone next time.

Enough complaining.

First off, I forgot my computer...

I don't know my times and distance from my computer but I took my time off the time sheet and the distance off the trip sheet and figured out the speed etc.

The scenery was great. This is a little country side church...

We rode on several small highways most of the time but traffic was not a problem...

Nothing but corn and clouds...

About 80 miles in I broke the pad on my aero bar...

Finally finished...

Once I finished I found Joe S, John, Michele and Virgil. They started out about a half an hour before me and I almost caught them. It wasn't because I rode so much faster, they rode 100 miles and I only rode 96. The course was set up for only 96.

My stats: Tm: 5.41, Dst: 96, Avs: 16.89

Not bad for a 96 mile ride the day after a 31 mile race.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Tour de Donut cont....

Dave, Joe, Brian and Tom...

Sitting left to right, Dee, Dave, Joe S, Tom
Second row, Mike, John, Michele, Joe P, Brian
Third row, Kathy, Peggy, Virgil

Real times...
8 1 :20:41 Virgil Moehsmer
12 1 :23:32 Kathy Fisher
26 1 :27:05 Joe Switzer
29 1 :27:58 Mike Kapilla
49 1 :33:57 David Paeth
50 1 :33:59 Michele Hopkins
53 1 :34:05 Thomas Cramer
93 1 :41:02 Bryan Kendall
94 1 :41:03 Joe Pierce
135 1 :46:52 John Hopkins

Adjusted times...
1:11:03 Joe Pierce
I only ate 6 donuts and I finished 4th for the over 50 adjusted time group...

Specs off my computer, Tm: 1.35.31, Dst: 31, Avs: 19.4, Mx: 33
19.4 Average speed. That is an all time best for me for 31 miles.
We all really did well. Virgil, Kathy, Joe S, and Mike took off at the start and didn't slow down until they saw the finish line. Great job everyone!!

The whole town welcomed the racers. The main street in town was closed to automobile traffic and a lane was kept open for the riders to go through.

This was a very cool ride and I will do it next year...
Tour de Donut cont...

675 people in the race...

Joe & Virgil at the front of the pack...

Brian and I started near the front of the pack...

Kathy was the first woman to cross the finish line (second from the left). At 1 hr, 23 min, and 32 seconds, she was the 12th person to cross the finish line. Way to go Kathy!!!

Gold medalist Kathy Fisher...
July 8th 2006
Tour de Donut
Stauton, IL

It was a great day for a race. The morning temperature was in the low 70's and still, no wind.

We all met around 8:00 am and discussed strategy, actually we all talked about how little sleep we got the night before and tried to figure out who was going to eat donuts and who wasn't.

Dave didn't want to waste any time getting to the race so he slept in someone else's trailer and got up with the birds dressed and ready to go...

Joe was thinking if he left his glasses off he would be 6.2 ounces lighter and just a little faster. But can I see?!?

Discussing strategy...or dreaming of donuts...

The parking lot filled quickly...

Brian & Tom before the race...

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Fourth of July 2006

Columbia, IL

Once again Tom, Dave, Brian and Joe met at Columbia for a ride. This one we choose to ride the flats. It was flatter than the "Flat-as-a-Pancake" ride. We actually changed the ride from Alton to Columbia because of rain in the Alton area.

Tm: 2.23.4, Avs: 17.4, Dst: 41.87, Mx: 25.5

We rode at a slower pace than usual for the first half of the ride and we found out it was with the wind. Once we turned around and started into the wind we picked up the speed and kept it around 20 for 12 miles, into the wind.

Great work-out. This is a good training ride for the upcoming Tour de Donut on Saturday. We should have around 8 people riding.
Sunday July 2 2006
Columbia, IL (Yea, I know, Columbia again)

Brian, He did ride with his eyes open, really...

Dave and Tom

Dave and Joe

It was a pretty hot day with a lot of sun. We rode a route that Tom and I have ridden before a couple of times. But this time it was profitable. I found $36.00 and four Lottery tickets! I'm still not buying new tires.

Beer and Jerky was consumed at the finish.

Tm:2.38, Avs: 16.7, Dst: 44.17, Mx 36.5