Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Its been a very long time since I've posted anything. It was a very busy time for me.

There has been 3 jobs, my father's passing, two boys in collage (Kevin is graduating in 4 days), I moved 3 times and I got divorced. The only constant through all this has been cycling.

Oh and I went to Tokyo

That was fantastic!

Like I said the only constant was cycling. The 2 previous jobs I had and my current job, have a cycling responsibility. The first was Security at the Missouri Botanical Garden

That was awesome, being able to ride a bike around the Garden grounds kept me in shape.

and I got to see some cool stuff...

  I turned 50 while working at the Garden and rode in 6 Centuries that summer. One every month starting in May. I might have hurt myself doing that but I can now say I was in good enough shape to do it. The next job was for The Partnership for Downtown St Louis as a Bike Guide. We were required to ride around downtown St Louis assisting people with finding places of interest and semi security. In two ways it was a great training ground for my next job. For two years I rode about 5 thousand miles a year. That got me in shape for the 6 months of physical training in the Police Academy. I was 53 when I entered the Academy. The person closest to my age was 20 years younger. I really believe that all the cycling helped me get through it.

After a year and half of riding in a radio car in the 2nd District a position came open on the Bike Unit in Downtown. I applied and got a position. I've been there for the World Series in 2011, Occupy St Louis, and the opening of Ballpark Village. I get to ride a bike for work. I get paid for it. How awesome is that?

There has also been some changes in my bikes. My favorite bike, the bike I've ridden since first purchasing it as a replacement for my Kabuki that was bent in half by a van. My 1981 Trek 710 frame repainted three times, stolen once, is finally finished.

Its built as a 719 with mostly Dura Ace components. This is the bike I rode all my centuries on. Its geared really high (52-42 chain rings and 12-21 freewheel) I think thats why I hurt myself, pushing too high a gear. This is my baby, a very sweet ride. I taped my bars with cloth tape and shellac'd them. They look great. Love this bike.

My Trek 750 is my commuter bike.

Its a little changed from this and I'm thinking of using it as a touring bike so it will change from what it is now. I think drop bars better fenders possibly a dyno hub with lights a front rack and real bags are in it future. I'm contemplating a self-supported three week tour when I turn 60. We'll see.

I have a 1979 Panasonic entry level track bike. It's drilled for brakes, has track forks and its handmade in the factory that made the Schwinn Paramount when they were made in Japan. This is the closest I will be to actually owning a Paramount I think.

I learned how to build wheels for this bike. They are Formula hubs with Sun 27" rims, black spokes and nipples. This bike has a 50 tooth chain ring and 18 tooth free wheel. I was going to use it at the velodrome but haven's yet. Maybe soon.

I also have a  Nashbar Single Speed bar hopper bike.

 Aluminum frame, carbon fork and seat post, Formula hubs with Mavic 700c rims. 46 tooth chain ring with 16 tooth free wheel. Selle San Marcos Regal saddle with brass rivets, Stem Captain clock, and a few other goodies. Most of this build was purchased through Bicycle Works.

I'll keep riding as long as I can.

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